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Our Services


  • Regulatory Assessment for company regularization
  • Operating Permit (ANVISA - Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency) Company Operation Authorization
  • License of Operation (VISA – Sanitary Surveillance) Local Operating License (VISA)
  • Environmental License
  • Establishment registration (MAPA - Ministry of Agricultor, Livestock and Supply)
  • Class Council Registration


  • Regulatory Research for Registration Requirements
  • Anvisa registration
  • Inmetro and Anatel Certificate
  • Dossier preparation
  • Post registration management
  • Post market monitoring Implementation

Outsourcing of Labor

  • Technical manager
  • Quality Specialists
  • Regulatory Affairs Specialists

and GMP

  • Regulatory Research for Good Practice requirements applicable to your business
  • Implementation and Maintenance of the Quality Management System and Good Distribution Practices, Storage and Transport
  • In-company and remote training


  • Internal Audit
  • Routine technical visits to maintain Sanitary License and AFE
  • Supplier Qualification
  • A certificate can be issued for all audits carried out, which guarantees the performance of the service


  • Process mapping
  • Risk analysis
  • Thermal mapping of facilities and vehicles
  • Validation and qualification

What we do

We operate for the most diverse types of business, in national and multinational companies, within the Health Segment and related to the Provision of Services, Products of interest to health or related to the Ministry of Agriculture.

Contact a Globaltty specialist and inform your need. We are prepared to assess your demand and prepare the right project to assist you.

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